with low light element

 This class will emphasize: 
   Drawing from concealment 
   Shooting from close contact to 50 yards 
   Shooting on the move 
   Positional shooting
   Use of cover and concealment
   One handed shooting, both right and left hand
   Malfunction immediate action drills
   Low light shooting in ambient and problematic light conditions
   Use of handheld and/or weapon mounted lights

   This class is not recommended for absolute beginners.Students that have taken either a  
    basic handgun class or a CCW class from us qualify. Students should have a general familiarity
    with their handgun and be able to safely and efficiently load and unload, work from a holster, and
    deliver centered, hand span sized groups on target at five to seven yards.

   Required equipment: 
   Handgun with at least two magazines or speed loaders (more is better)
   Dominant side holster that completely covers the trigger guard 
             (inside the waistband is fine)
   Eye and ear protection, brimmed hat, and a concealment garment
   Long pants are recommended; knee pads are optional

   Ammunition: 150 rounds 

   Cost: $125  



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    Saturday,  Feb. 3,    8:00am -  Noon
     Saturday,  Mar. 9,    3:00pm - 8:00pm
     Saturday,  Apr. 20,   3:00pm - 8:00pm

Class will be held at the gravel pit. Take Hwy 160 towards Las Vegas. Turn left on Wheeler Pass Road - just before the Spring Mountain Driving Track (about 2 miles south of Homestead). Go about a mile to the end of the pavement. Go past the 2 pits on either side of road to the 2nd big open pit on the left.

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