Tuesdays   5:00 pm and 6:00 pm
       Saturdays  1:00pm 

                                                                           INVICTUS TRAINING CENTER
                                                                                          Wheeler Springs Plaza
                                                                                            921 S. Hwy 160  #404
                                                                                            Pahrump, NV           MAP

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 Training begins with a "mat chat".  This covers character lessons. Then there's a brief warm-up and
  some strength building exercises.  Basic Karate techniques are practiced as a group and then
  individually on focus pads and kick shields. 

  If you visit a class, you may see Mr. Chuck teaching the children to juggle, punching at bubbles, or
  catching a ball. What does this have to do with Karate? It's called fun with a purpose - it teaches them
  coordination, flexibility, concentration; all without them knowing they are learning!

  Students can earn award stripes on their belts as they demonstrate proficiency in specific karate
  techniques and the white belt kata, or form, as they reach benchmarks in strength and flexibility. 

  As class ends, students cool down with flexibility exercises and receive their "Tiger Token" as a
  reward for good effort in the day's class. Tiger Tokens go in their gear bag with their belt.    Four tokens
  earned - and saved - bring another stripe.

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Sic Vis Pacem
Para bellum
Our first black belt -
14 yr old Chloe