Once we’ve spent an hour or so on our primary topic, we’ll open the floor to
  questions and shared info on general preparedness topics.

  This workshop is FREE and open to the public.  (donations are always welcomed)

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Oct 18   Tues   7:30pm   
Invictus Training Center
921 S. Hwy 160   #404 
Pahrump      MAP
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“Remember: When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.” 
Why do we prep?
You never know what life is going to bring (or throw) your way – be it a manageable disaster, a job loss or even a SHTF collapse.

We buy insurance for things – such as renters, homeowners, automobile, health, liability, etc. – and to ‘prep’ is simply another form of insurance. Prepping (becoming better prepared) is different only in that you are paying yourself instead of an insurance company.

Additionally, your preparedness (insurance) efforts (payments) and preps are not wasted if there’s no disaster or SHTF. You can rotate and eat your food storage, and the practical knowledge, skills, and supplies that you’ve learned, practiced, and procured will be with you always – and will improve your self reliance, independence, and liberty as a human being.